The Team


Our Story

Christine, Kelly, Kristie and Krista came together in 2017 to help each other through their breast cancer treatments. While supporting and connecting with each other, they began to dream about how they could extend their strong connection to mentoring other women fighting breast cancer. The result was the creation of Sunflower Warriors which is a unique non-profit organization with a vision to empower women with breast cancer through their diagnosis, treatments and post treatment challenges and victories.

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Sunflower Warriors aims to provide a comprehensive system of support by hosting, celebrations, facilitating mentorship programs and group discussion forums for breast cancer warriors to connect with one another. In addition, Sunflower Warriors offers workshops and seminars led by experts in the field of breast cancer that cover topics ranging from the diagnosis to post treatment lifestyle and challenges.

Even with the amazing love and support our families and friends offer, we have found immeasurable comfort in connecting with other women who understand how we feel and think about our cancer journey. We encourage women diagnosed with breast cancer to reach out to us to see how we can bring them into this wonderful community of support and empowerment.

We understand because we've been there.